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Jiggle Physics

May 31, 2022

Content Warning: Please note that we address the recent school shooting in Uvalde, TX during the first third of this week's show. If you'd prefer to not listen to that segment, skip ahead to 27:43 in the episode.

In some positive video gaming news, the Raven Software QA unit has voted to unionize, and a teaser for Star...

May 17, 2022

The world is awful and sometimes it feels like games NEVER actually ship. But, we promise we have a great episode for you chock full of industry news, including some Pokémon goodness, what we've been playing, and more.


May 10, 2022

We're joined this week by freelance games journalist, Nico Deyo, and Tyler Colp of PC Gamer to talk about their experiences playing the Overwatch 2 beta. Embracer Group bought parts of Square Enix for not a whole lot of money. Well, at least in the world of corporate acquisitions. The team also have news about Nintendo,...